Into the Lungs of Hell: Blasphemous Pornography

This post is a continuation of the topic of pornography. Although images have been removed and no foul language is used, the subject matter could incite lust and temptation in individuals.

The purpose of this post is to bring awareness to how far this porn epidemic is spreading into sacred areas for Catholics, Protestants, and even Muslims.

Anyway, if you are like me and want to stay informed about the enemy, Satan, and his latest guerilla warfare tactics, then, by all means, put on your armor of God, take up your shield of faith, and grab your sword of the Spirit and follow me as I follow St. Michael the Archangel into the lungs of hell.

I am really angry right now.

I’m angry with pornography for keeping men and women from God, and I’m angry that I didn’t take action sooner. I’m angry because I knew there were genres and bizarre fetishes out there (After all, I did live in Japan — the land of the bizarre — for almost a decade) and I did nothing about it. Heck, I even gave in and indulged in some of it at one time.

But mostly I’m angry because it has been brought to my attention that there is a genre of porn out there that I had no idea existed.

I really thought I’d seen it all, folks.

Imagine the most perverted, grotesque form of pornography and I’ve seen it (except for child porn — The Lord knows that I am telling the truth). I’m not even going to list any of them because you get the idea.


When some fellow prayer warriors told me about something called blasphemy porn, I thought, How bad could it be? Naked people inside a church building? Topless feminists burning Bibles?


What I glimpsed, Christian, was so disturbing, it would likely have had the same impact as on an atheist being held at gunpoint, forced to watch as his beloved wife and child are sexually assaulted and then murdered.

I didn’t mean to pick on you, atheist friends. I just needed to provide y’all with a reference point as well.

Here we go:

Gosh, on second thought, I really don’t need to describe anything, do I?  I mean, the title of this post pretty much says it all.

The first image I saw–

But it’s art!! The woman is merely protesting against centuries of oppression by the Church–

Shut up. Just shut up.

For all of you with that kind of thinking, imagine the dearest person (wife, husband, newborn baby, handicapped child) or thing (American flag, your brand new car) to you. Got the image? OK, now imagine it/her/him being desecrated in some way. Are you a minority? Imagine a racial slur being spray painted on the beautiful house that you worked so hard to purchase. Love Obama? The Queen of England? Imagine their photographs being desecrated in the most abhorrent way.

OK, now we’re all on the same page (I hope).

Unfortunately, Muslims are not immune to this genre of filth either. Did you think the cartoon that depicted Mohammed as a terrorist was blasphemous?  Well, that ain’t nothin’.

Believe me, sexually deranged people in cyberspace pick on Islam just as much as they do Christianity. Take my word for it.

My point is this: We Christians and people of faith need to wake up and see that the Devil never ceases blaspheming God. We need to hate him and fight against him with prayer and awareness of this garbage.

It’s freedom of speech, you prudes. Freedom of expression. These aren’t the Dark Ages.

Yeah? Then why don’t you stop the next Hispanic person you see and call him/her a $%!@& w__ b___?

Why don’t you go outside and scream the N-word at the first African American you see?

Why don’t you give me your address and let me come to your door so I can call your loving wife a dirty whore? If you live in Texas like I do, you’ll probably grab your gun and shoot me. If you don’t own a gun, then chances are you’ll get kind of upset.

As Christians, we need to pray for the people who are involved in this blasphemy. Jesus Himself, as he was dying on the cross, cried out, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

We Catholics need to love the people but hate Satan and fight him with much prayer and fasting. In chapter 9, verse 29 of St. Mark’s gospel, Jesus told his disciples that some demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting.

Here is what Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary says about Mark 9:29:

But Satan is unwilling to be driven from those that have been long his slaves, and, when he cannot deceive or destroy the sinner, he will cause him all the terror that he can. The disciples must not think to do their work always with the same ease; some services call for more than ordinary pains.

These are blatant attacks by the Devil against our dear faith, brothers and sisters. Let’s get righteously indignant and do something about it.

Well, what can I do? Do you expect me to–

For starters, you can pray. Pray hard. *Then ask God and fellow prayer warriors what to do next.


*No violence, though. Our Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Prince of Peace.

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4 responses to “Into the Lungs of Hell: Blasphemous Pornography

  • John

    I would really like to commend you for this post. Thank you for nailing it where it needs to be. I personally have deep issues that I’ve been constantly fighting for some time. I don’t know how to combat this, and would ask for your assistance or guidance or anything you could offer.

    • Topaz

      Hi John,

      Thanks for stopping by! Personally, I’ve been able to deal with impurity after realizing how it was holding me prisoner.

      First, a person needs to have the desire to change. Without it, he would quickly slip back into the same rut time and time again.

      Once the desire to change is there, I would recommend finding an accountability partner at your church. When either of you are struggling to stay pure, call each other for support.

      You can also find good resources online such as Covenant Eyes or XXX Church (weird name but effective ministry).

      If you’re Protestant, then see where the nearest Celebrate Recovery program is located (usually at a church). If you’re Catholic, there are groups scattered around the country called St. Augustine Men’s Purity Group.

      These are some ideas that you can start with. Please let me know if you need anything else. I’m here to help!

      P.S. Sexual temptation is a daily struggle for me. A great prayer life is essential.

  • Asehpe

    I’m afraid I’m going to side with your enemies here — and this, despite the fact that I am the kind of atheist that could probably be your friend.

    Let me quote your post:
    “For all of you with that kind of thinking, imagine the dearest person (wife, husband, newborn baby, handicapped child) or thing (American flag, your brand new car) to you. Got the image? OK, now imagine it/her/him being desecrated in some way.”

    This happens in art. Jean Genêt comes to mind. And the meaning it has is not what it seems to be. What is it, you might ask? Let me quote you again:

    “Yeah? Then why don’t you stop the next Hispanic person you see and call him/her a $%!@& w__ b___?

    Why don’t you go outside and scream the N-word at the first African American you see?”

    This also happens in art, including good art. And I’m not simply talking about Mark Twain writing “nigger” dozens of times in Huckleberry Finn. I mean people really using ratial, ethnic slur of the worst kind in works of art — for a specific purpose.

    The feeling of hatred — which is what these words are all about — is not personified or incarnated in these words. Linguistics tells us that meanings do not reside in words (which are, as some medieval schools of thought would say, “merely puffs of air”). These feelings, like all feelings, exist only in the human heart (ultimately, in the human mind), not in the words which we use as ad-hoc tools to symbolize them.

    Hatred has many roots, and is intricately intertwined with many things in our minds — things that would probably surprise you, because they are good things, things that should never have to depend on hatred in order to exist, and yet they do. As in the usual Christian answer to the problem of evil (“if there was no evil there could be no good”, “who could see and love the light without darkness?” — what I like to call the contrast model of transcendent good and evil), without hatred love would be a pretty difficult concept to grasp. And we might end up being just like robots, programmed for ‘good’ but without being able to distinguish it from ‘evil’. Never hating anyone, but simply because we don’t know what hatred is, not because we have transcended it. (Consider, for instance, the hatred that you clearly feel for blasphemy porn. I understand you consider it justified, and from your moral perspective it is easy to see why you’d think so. But it is hatred nonetheless, is it not? A hatred that generates an anger that is justified, that is worth feeling, an anger and hatred that are so many more proofs of God’s love?)

    We’ll never get rid of hate. It will always be around — not only because of the contrast model of good and evil, but for even deeper reasons. (I suspect that good and evil are made of similar stuff, of the same ‘atoms’ as it were, so that eliminating implies eliminating the other just as eliminating all hydrogen implies eliminating all water — H2O; but I digress).

    Since hatred is around, and pretty much everywhere (look what an important role hatred has played in the story of the church — hatred of infidels, hatred of heretics, etc.; and even now your hatred for blasphemy porn), we all have to deal with it. We have all been harmed by hatred, and, worse yet, we have all harmed others because of hatred. This even creates hatred towards oneself, and guilt, and all those feelings that keep us crying late at night, in search of redemption. (That is where the Chrsitian religion hits the jackpot: it was one of the first to offer true redemption: “… in nomine patri, filii et spiritus sancti, ego te absolvo… dominus vobiscum, fratres, nunc et semper, ad vitam sempiternam…”).

    We have to deal with these feelings: with the harm that was done to us, and to others. Love helps; forgiveness helps. A lot. (Again, let me say that the idea of redemption of one’s sins is indeed the most beautiful idea I see in the whole Christian eschatology). But they are not the only ones that help, and they cannot alone do everything. As in the five stages of grief, other feelings are necessary.

    Christianity has oppressed people. Not because this was implicit in the ideas that Jesus talked about, but because it was an organized movement, and there is no organized movement that does not corrupt itself (its idealism becomes diluted among the various kinds of people who adhere to it for all kinds of different, not necessarily idealistic, reasons).

    We have to forgive Christianity for its sins, and for the suffering it has caused. It is of course the only way to move on. But we also have to hate it — just as you hate blasphemy porn (and for a similar reason) — for all the bad things it did to us, via people who were perhaps less than fully aware of the meaning of 1 Corinthians 13:1-3. Everytime I look at a Christian symbol and think of the beauty of the feelings it is meant to inspire, I am also reminded of the ugly, barbarous, heinous crimes that were perpetrated for these symbols, in their name, also inspired by them — sometimes with these very symbols being used. (Isn’t it desacrating to the religious symbol of the cross to have it engraved on the sword you will use to cut the heads of your enemies off, so this symbol will be dirty of blood every time you use the sword? Didn’t Pizarro desacrate the bible when he used it to lure the Incas into a trap, where he killed all of them? The lines of scripture in concentration camps — not only “Arbeit macht frei”, but also “der Weg zum Königreich Gottes” — were they not desacrated by what went on around them every day? And so on and on… but let us not multiply examples beyond necessity.)

    ‘Whe have to hate?’ But isn’t hatred always wrong? (But what about blasphemy porn?…)

    That is the crux, isn’t it? Is there such a thing as justified hatred — the hatred you feel for blasphemy porn? The hatred your atheist friends feel for those who use ratial slurs and mysogynistic language on purpose, to offend, to hurt, to inflict intolerable pain on the innocent?

    If there is such a thing as justified, or justifiable, hate (to quote you “We Catholics need to love the people but hate Satan and fight him…”), it would not be difficult to argue for the justification of hatred towards Christianity and Christianity’s symbols.

    But not for violence, you see. Just as you yourself suggest prayer and fasting, not violence. The hate towards all the wrongs that Christianity has done should never degenerate into violence. You fight your fight with prayer, which is good, since it feels good to you. Others (me, for instance) prefer reciting poetry, or memorable lines of works of art; they have an effect on us similar to prayer on you.

    Am I arguing that blasphemy is like a therapy tool for those wronged by religion? Like hitting those damn pillows and cushions while thinking of those who made them suffer, as part of an attempt to reacquire some agency, some independence from whatever traumatic events have defined their lives thus far?

    Yes, I think I am.

    But blasphemy PORN?!…

    Of course we disagree fundamentally on porn. You think it’s an evil, I think it’s a good. But let’s leave that for another debate.

    Let me just report that I have seen people who were transformed by blasphemy porn. Not just eroticized or excited, not just masturbating to it: I have seen them cry, with deeply felt tears running down their cheeks like rivulets under the rain, I have seem them put their faces in their hands and say words of thanks, like a prophet at the moment of epiphany. I have seen them relive moments of abuse, moments of soul-crushing experiences that left them maimed for life, finally allowing themselves to move on from those experiences, finally allowing them to put it into perspective and see things for what they were, not for the monstruous esoteric/philosophical constructs they had imprisoned themselves into (‘what happened to me was the will of God…’ ‘It was good in some way…’).

    Catharsis? Liberation? Growing and moving on? Really, you say? And all that from… a naked woman on a baptismal table, grabbing a crucifix and… and saying… while…. Really?


    Just like your expression of anger and hatred in this post is a form of catharsis for the harm that you felt was done to you by simply looking at blasphemy porn.

    (‘The meaning is not in the word, for it is but a puff of air… The meaning is in the context, in the situation…’)

    But Christianity is not all crimes and barbarism! There’s love and redemption!

    Yes, I know. But we have to fight against the crimes and barbarism — and that means hating them (as you propose to hate Satan — it’s the same, after all) — before (or at least while) we see the good and the beauty in it. Because we’re humans, not angels, not gods; because our feelings of hurt mean something, not just that God’s plan may necessitate some evil things, not just that evil is misunderstood good, not just that God’s love springs eternal, but also something else: that we exist, that we hurt, that we suffer. That pain exists, and that it feels the way it feels and not like something else.

    But even if blasphemy, or even blasphemy porn, can be good and bring about catharsis… that’s not its most frequent use! Most consumers just want to get off!

    There is of course the problem that people may be more subtly harmed by what is wrong with Christianity — it’s not just raped altar boys. And there is the question of the true meaning of porn (for surely you don’t think porn is just about salacious people wanting to achieve orgasms?… that would be way too simplistic for such complicated beings as we are).

    But these problems would again necessitate an entire column to be done justice to. Suffice it to say here: the fact that some people may use something wrong (or don’t use it right, which isn’t exactly the same thing) does not disqualify this thing from having a role to fulfill. You can use a knife as a hammer by hitting a nail with the knife handle, but it still is a knife. Most fiction books are simplistic, formulaic and rather stupid, but this doesn’t imply that there is no good literature.

    So blasphemy porn, like everything else God has created (for surely it wouldn’t exist without His participation?), also has a soul, a goal, a place in the order of things.

    Or such is my opinion.

    Why say all this? Because it’s late at night, I’m alone in a distant city, and, like Christians, I keep having this feeling that if people are told the truth, that might just suffice to set them free.

    It almost never works. Mostly people just become sad, and wonder how Satan has managed to sink its hook so deep into my heart. Maybe this is what you will say, too. But every now and then a smile comes from someone who understood what I meant to say. Even if said person disagrees with me, the smile is sufficient for me to see that I was not mistaken for one of Satan’s minions.

    And that is enough to make me smile.

    Farewell. May your God enlighten your path. Pray for me if you want; I will say a few poems for you.

    All the best.

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