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I’ve Gone to the Dark Side

The title says it all. I may be back, or I may not.

Bright Blessings,


I Want to Die

The older I get the more I realize that even if things do get better, it’s always temporary. The good days feel like a tease and a cruel joke because when the bad comes, it’s like it laser. It targets all those things to make sure I feel the maximum amount of pain.

People always give laughable examples of what could be my thing to fight for, but what is and isn’t worth it are very personal things to a soul. I need something to cling to that makes ME feel like I have a purpose.

For the last several years I had several things. They meant everything to me. One by one they all were taken. I don’t have it in me to start over again. Every few years I cycle through this. Just because it might be good again a few years from now doesn’t make it worth the suffering now.

Each and every time it gets harder. Each and every time I am more alone in the fight. And with the direction the world is heading now, I see only darkness and hopelessness for us all. I am amazed that so many people can just keep going on like things are fine. -Brona Storm

Friday, 11:57pm

I Thought I Was A Good Person

I thought I was a good person. Then I realized I yelled at Gina.

I thought I was a good person. Then I went off on Paul.

I thought I was a good person. Then I sped through town and chased away an angel.

I thought I was a good person. Then “too much screen time.”

It’d be nice to get clean. How do I do that? You go all in.

I thought I was a good person. I sat staring at Mary and Joseph, then I left.

I thought I was a good person. And I believed it to be true.

Why don’t you come to your senses. Before it’s too late.

I thought I was a good person. I lied along with him. His mom caught him.

Supper’s waiting on the table. No one is there to touch it.

It turns to gore and goes away in the mist.

I thought I was a good person. But I screamed at the only ones who love me.

I thought so. But yet I’m going away.

You did it for us. No, I did it for me.

Death holds the stage.