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Criminal Court Day


Hi all. I had to take some time off work this morning for my second appearance in criminal court. Yay! It involves a little incident that happened late last summer. I’ll fill you in at a later time.

I was leaving the parking garage and pulled up to the window to pay. A scruffy-looking guy with a pale face covered in pimples took my credit card and greeted me.

“You look amiss,” he said.

“Huh?” I was surprised that this guy was using a word like amiss.

“You look paranoid as hell, mister.”

At that point I came close to screaming at the guy. “I just came from criminal court, sir.”

“One more day. Then it’s the weekend. Just hang in there,” he said, handing me back my card and receipt.

Writer mode kicked in. “Well, sir, my life is in the balance. Right now, I AM paranoid as hell. But if I’m found not guilty, then I’ll be a happy guy.” I was so tempted to lie and say that it was a murder charge just to shut him up.

But I didn’t.

The attendant grinned at me and then I drove away.

I was so riled up that I popped a Xanax at the first red light.